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Booster Club – A Humble Beginning, An Illustrious Past and The Talented Present. Future Infinity.

- Mrs. Shailaja Gohad.

Booster Club of Table – Tennis, Thane is one of the leading clubs in Table- Tennis all over India.

Booster Club has given numerous star players to the game of Table- Tennis and continues to keep up the good work. The Club happens to be the starting point in the careers of many of India's star paddlers. Mrs. Shailaja Gohad, the Founder and Chief Coach of the club, has left no stone unturned in gifting these gems to India.

Booster Club is not just basking in the glory of these achievements, but responsibly aim to nurture and encourage talent in this game. The club has two branches, both in Thane city. The branch at Bhagwati vidyalaya functions in the evening; with simultaneous practice on 5/6 tables. The other branch at Hitvardhani Sabha functions round-the-clock with 3 tables.

Booster Club also happens to be the only T.T. Club in India with so many fantastic paddlers. The players are segregated in four various batches. 25-30 players practice hard daily in the Basic batch. Here they are taught the very basics of the game. After careful scrutiny and proper training, promising players are promoted to the Pre-advanced batch. Booster Club boasts of two Pre-advanced batches with 12 players each. In these batches, the players meticulously work hard and participate in various tournaments. They get special tips and their overall performance increases. They also undergo special physical fitness, mental fitness and yoga training as these are essential components for a budding player.

Those carefully sorted and hand-picked from these are then promoted to the Advanced batch, where the special skills of each individual player are honed further. With high loyalty and integrity, these players are totally dedicated to their sport.

All this is impossible without our assistant staff Mr. Dinkar Palnitkar. It is with his untiring efforts that the club stands tall. Dr. Nitin Oke, Chief Advisor, also plays a very important role. To ensure that all our players are physically fit, it is Mr. Modi who personally trains them so that their stamina is taken care of. In case of any sports-related medical problem our Health Consultant Dr. Ajit Natu is always available with suitable remedies.

A healthy body is actually worthless without a healthy mind and cheerful spirit. To ensure that our players are relaxed mentally we impart them yoga training as well. Mrs. Sujata Bhide and Mrs. Sunanda Joshi are our yoga instructors. The players get mental training at IPH, one of the premier mental training institutes in Thane. Yoga and mental training relaxes the players mentally so that they can give their best at all times.

We felt that many children want to learn T.T. but are not able to devote time regularly. Recognising this need Booster Club conducts an Annual Summer Camp from 1st May to 31st May every year. The students are taught the basics of T.T. in such a way that they get fond of the game and also enjoy it. Every year for this summer camp Mrs. Pallavi Nagapurkar joins us. For the regular players there are extra yoga sessions and also muscle toning and stamina development sessions in addition to their normal sessions.

The chief attraction of the camp is the opening function, where eminent personalities are invited to encourage the players. Even for the opening function we invite guests who are so great in their respective fields, the players automatically get motivated to excel on their own. Till date Booster Club has invited great people like.

1) Mr. Gopal Phadke - International Veterans Gold Medalist in athletics.
2) Dr. Anand Nadkarni
3) Mr. Raju Bodas - Vice-president of T.T.F.I.
4) Mr. Yatin Tipnis - Joint Secretary of M.S.T.T.A
5) Mr. Srikant Vad - Dadoji Kondev Award Winner
6) Mr. A.G. Tilak - Dronacharya Award Winner
7) Smt. Usha Pendse - Eminent Social Worker
8) Mr. Kamlesh Mehta - Arjun Award Winner
9) Mr. Ashok Shandilya - Arjun Award Winner
10) Mr. B.P. Bam - Reknowned Mental Trainer

Sparing no efforts for the players and with sheer love for the sport Booster Club stands tall with every passing day. The core committee consists of:

1) Founder and Chief Coach - Mrs. Shailaja Gohad - 98207 47292.
2) Chief Advisor - Dr. Nitin Oke - 98906 98139
3) Assistant Coach - Mr. Dinkar Palnitkar / Mrs. Chitra Kulkarni
4) Physical Trainer - Mr. Hemkrishna
5) Yoga Trainer - Mrs. Sunanda Joshi - 99675 41658
6) Mental Trainer - IPH
7) Health Consultant - Dr. Ajit Natu - 98200 13756
8) Physiotherapist - Mrs. Pranjali Joshi